How to recover deleted emails in webmail?

Webmail is a kind of email system that provides many people with the facility to access their emails from a web browser. If by mistake, any document from the email is deleted, it will not be permanently deleted. This email server stores the files, and there is no role for the local computer in this matter. Recovering any deleted email is critical work, but if a document is important, then it becomes very important to recover an email. There are some steps to recover the deleted email, as follows:

  1. CHECK TRASH FOLDER: Everyone should remain calm and take the first step to check the trash folder. After accidentally deleting an email, save it in the trash folder for the time being. And everyone can recover it easily if the email is present in their inbox. If the email is present in the trash folder, then we can restore it by simply selecting the email and then clicking on recover the email or moving it to the trash folder.

  1. USE THE RECOVERY TOOL: There are so many webmails and they all have different features. In some of these webmails, there is a recovery tool that allows the user to recover their emails. This tool can be found in the webmail’s settings menu or in the help section. The function of the recovery tool is to scan the email server for deleted emails and to recover them. There is a time limit within which an email should be recovered, or some instructions are there to recover a deleted email.
  1. CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If an email cannot be recovered, use this method. Most webmail providers give this customer care support option via email, phone, and live chat. If anyone is unable to recover a deleted email, then contact the customer care support team and give them all the necessary information, like the date and time, the sender’s and receiver’s email addresses, and the subject line of the email. All of these will allow you to recover the deleted email.

  1. CHECK THE OTHER FOLDERS: There are two additional folders: spam and junk. There are many cases in which the email is sometimes present in these folders, so check these folders also; if the email is present there, move it back to our inbox.

  1. USE EMAIL RECOVERY SOFTWARE: If none of the above methods work, there is email recovery software available. This can be downloaded from the internet, and it will scan the whole computer for deleted emails. It works by recovering deleted emails via an email server or local backups. The email recovery software is not able to recover all the deleted emails. That’s why it is important to use good software that has some value on the market.

  1. CREATE BACKUPS: To not lose any important emails in the future, it is essential to create backups. These backups are created by carrying the email to files or by using the email backup service. This is a way to recover all deleted emails from the backup method if, by mistake, an email gets deleted.


Yes, recovery of any email, if it gets deleted, is possible. There are so many methods to recover the email. But we all should take some precautions before using any email for work. If, by mistake, an email gets deleted, then use the above methods to recover the email and bring it back into use to stop any stress at work. Any person can easily do their work on emails.


1. Is this a possible way to recover any deleted emails?

  • Yes, you can do this by checking the trash folder, using the recovery tool, calling customer service, checking other folders, using email recovery software, and creating backups.

2. Do these methods really work?

  • Yes, the users who work with emails can recover these emails in real-time if any email gets deleted by mistake.

3. What are the details given to the customer care support team to recover any deleted emails?

  • A user should give a date and time, the sender’s and receiver’s email addresses, and the subject line of the email.

4. What is the last method to recover the email if all the other methods fail?

  • Create backups; while working, it is possible to create backups for important emails, and if they get deleted mistakenly, then we will use backups and avoid any obstacles while working.